3:21 pm - Monday March 19, 6874

White Gravy Vegetables


  • Cauliflower-1/2
  • Potato-2
  • Onion-2
  • Carrot-2
  • Cashew Nut-10gram
  • Bean-1/2 cup
  • Pea-1/2cup
  • Green chili-4
  • Yogurt-1/2kg
  • Porridge-3tbsp
  • Coconut powder-2tbsp
  • Khashkhash-1tbsp
  • Sabit garam masala-as required
  • Salt-as required
  • Oil-1/4 cup


  • All Chinese sail vegetables and hot spices (garam masala) with oil for corning blend the yogurt with coconut, poppy seed and powder of oil in to it.
  • For marinate paste and add this paste in to vegetable,and 1 glass of water and salt also set them for cook.
  • After 8-10 minute open the cover and speed up the stone till water dryness.
  • your white gravy vegetable is ready to cook.
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