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Protect Salt from Moisture

The solution for protecting salt from moisture is to add some rice in your salt box.

Body Weakness

In order to get rid of body weakness, have at least 2 -3 dates daily, this will help to make you active once again.

For Making Chapaties

If you want soft and delouse meal/bread (Roti) for that you have to prepare dough 1 hour before, cook for perfect result.

The Smell of Chicken

The procedure of getting rid of the smell from the chicken, take a bowl containing water and add little quantity of vinegar in it and then dip the whole chicken into the bowl and leave it for 15min. This will prevent the smell from chicken.


As the peas get boiled, add some quantity of baking powder in it which will help the peas to be tasty as well as fresh.

Helpful Tips

If you want to protect yourself from seasonal diseases then try to seasonal fruit in your daily retain.

Tip to make fresh lemon Juice

Firstly boil the lemon into the boiled water for 2min, this will make the lemon juice fresh.