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  • Chef Zakir full name is Muhammad Zakir Qureshi,
  • Born in Karachi on 16th of February 1967.
  • His family was basically from Bombay ( Indor) .

Educational Background

  • He started his education from Qulsoom Bai Valika School
  • Completed his matriculation from Govt Boys School of Santabad.
  • After that he then completed his intermediate education from Allama Iqbal College.

Professional Career

  • He started his professional career in 1980 by practicing at Karachi Sheraton Hotel.
  • After Six month he went to Avari Hotel for practicing.
  • Then after a year he went to Karachi PC Hotel.

Traveling for Further Studies

  • After six months, he moved on to Dubai where he spent two years working in one or two famous restaurants.
  • In 1988 he stayed in Singapore.
  • After a year he travelled South Africa for seven years where he studied there as well as done some job in various restaurants.
  • After that he moved on to Batswana for three years.

Television Career

  • After his stay in UK for 11/2years, he made his return to Pakistan where he first joined Indus TV.
  • Then in the year 2006 he started working for Hum TV
  • Then after that from 2007-8 he joined Masala TV.

His Own Restaurant

  • Clifton Grill Restaurant
  • Shan-e-Mughlia Restaurant


  • Cooking is his only hobby.

Favorite Place

  • His favorite place is Madina and God Cape town in Europe.

Favorite Personality

  • His favorite personality is his own father Mr. Abdul Aziz Qureshi.

Out of his Own Country

  • For the past 27 years he was out of his own country just for when people call him to open a restaurant and all other stuff.

How to discover New Recipe

Well, whenever he discovers any recipe, he cannot give any particular name to it because of different techniques of making. If he would discover something new he would take an advice from some senior chefs like asking about what ingredients should be added and etc. Then in this way a new dish can be formed.

Satisfaction from his Work

  • From the bottom of his heart he is really satisfied at his work. He does not consider himself the best, but according to him, he should keep his standards in a limit.

Still Learning

  • Till now he is still feeling his experience that whenever any new recipe occurs, he studies them, understand them and then he cook them.

Cooked at Home or Not

  • Compare to the Restaurant, he cooks very less at home. Yes if any sort of holidays occurs and especially when kids want to eat form here then he certainly cooks food for them at home.

Criticizing or not relating to cooking?

  • He never ever pointed or criticized anything relating to cooking.


  • He got the inspiration from his father named Abdul Aziz.
  • He was a great chef of that time.
  • He used to work for PIA as a chef.
  • In was in 1960’s when all the foreign people appreciated his father’s cooking and on hearing this he was very impressed of his father.

Practical Life

  • He got married in the year 1986.
  • It was a strictly arranged marriage.
  • He got 5 children which are 3 girls and 2 boys.

Favorite Food

  • All types pluses, vegetables especially Daal chawal which is the only favorite food he loves the most.

His Son Ahsan the Chef

  • His son Ashan is a chef and in a new TV channel called AKS where he is working there as a chef.

Point out wife’s cooking or not

  • He never ever pointed anything whatever his wife cooks because he said that she is a house wife who has a standard of her own and cannot match his standards to hers.

Why he like South Africa?

  • He really enjoyed his journey in South Africa, because he said that the African people there gave a lot of respect to him and also very kind in nature.

Future Plan Institute for Chef Education

  • Well his future plan is to open an Institute for cooking which the education will be based on international standard.
  • Where theory and practical can be explained.
  • This plan can be approved by the Europe countries.
  • Even the chef from Europe will visit Pakistan so that they can tutor the students through their cooking method.
  • In this institute, there will be 3 sections.
  • First will be for 3 months.
  • Second for 6 months.
  • Last will be for 1 year.
  • Admissions will be given to those students who are willing to go forward and not for those who just apply this admissions for granted.

When he Feel Happy

  • When he is in the good mood, he calls up his friends for a small get together.

Message to the Nation

  • Do not waste your time just achieve your goals.