5:44 pm - Sunday September 24, 2017

Meethi aur namkin dahi phulki

Ingredients Phulki kay leye

  • Mash ki dal (white lentils)-½ kg
  • Plain Flour-4Tbsp
  • Baking soda-½ tsp
  • Salt-to taste
  • Oil-for frying

For sweet yogurt

  • Yogurt-½ kg
  • Sugar-½ kg

For sour yogurt

  • Yogurt-½ kg
  • Chopped Cumin seeds-1tbsp
  • Chopped red chilies-1tbsp
  • Red chilies powder-1tbsp
  • Curry Leaves-2 to 3
  • Oil-4tbsp

Phulki masala

  • Chopped Red chilies-2tbsp
  • Chopped Cumin seeds-2tbsp
  • Kadi Powder-2tbsp
  • Chat masala-2tbsp


  • Add all the masala and cook in pan, and than take this masala and put it on dahi phulki.
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